Scary Negroes Will Get You Killed .

It was very refreshing for me to go to the Malcolm X Festival on Saturday. To be surrounded by conscious people, who I share the same views with is extremely enriching. I enjoyed live Reggae, the good Reggae. The Rastafarians who plant their own food, because why buy food from the enemy, right ? Right. I love to see people that engage in their culture. What are we without culture? When I say "we", I mean African-Americans . Most of us are living blissfully unknowing of who we really are. Some of us think that it is not important, some of us think that we should forget about our African Heritage. But why? You don't see our white counterparts doing that? So why should we forget about it? We shouldn't. I love when people ask me "Briana, why would you ever lock your hair? Or why can't you get a Perm?" Well, I locked my hair as a form of cultural expression and because I wanted to be completely natural. As for the perm, I thank God that my mom never allowed me to get one. Why would I ever put a foreign chemical in my hair that alters the texture? It's very hard for me to swallow that idea. First of all, there is no problem with thick, course, otherwise known as Nappy hair. I'm proud of my nappy hair. Why no be? Perms are a form of self-hatred. You're getting a perm to change your hair to look like who? White people? Hmmm...

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