I can't take this nonsense anymore. What has music come to? I hate to single one group out in particular but rappers have been killing me lately. Their lyrics portray nothing but disrespect and hate. Oh and Lil Wayne said it best, "Pussy, Money, Weed". Is that all you have to talk about? Is that really all that you have to say about women, calling them bitches and hoes? Everyday I see young girls ruined by the music that they listen to everyday! I have to admit, I use to listen to that music, I used to to be at all of the concerts, but then one day I realized that I needed to get my life together. Why am I supporting a business that is encompassed by negativity? Rap is destroying the black community. Why? What does it talk about? Sex, drugs, money, women, cars. Repetitive. Almost every song. I also see my male counterparts internalizing this music, making it a part of them. The way that these rappers talk about women, is the same way that I see young men talk about women and that is NOT acceptable! I can't stand for this anymore! Oh, and let's not even get on the slave mentality that is clearly displayed in rap. That whole light skinned-dark skinned thing, that we as black people really need to get over. Why does light skinned have to look better? WHY? But I know where it comes from. It's that external oppression that leads to the internal depression.

I don't even understand why white people feel the need to opress the black race. We are doing it for them, they can relax. Calling our males "niggas", and our women "bitches". I remember when I think, T.I. was asked why he uses these terms in his songs. And he responded by saying something along the lines of, "because their are such things as bitches and hoes". What kind of foolish excuse is that? I'm not not saying that there is not such thing as bitches and hoes, but in your lyrics, that is the only way women are portrayed. And I know for a fact that we have successful black women in our society. But of course they don't rap about that, because the upliftment of the Black Race is not what sells.

I will continue to keep them in my prayers.

Give thanks and praises to the most high, Jah .


Lively Up Yourself!

This man literally changed my life. But with lyrics teaching of Love, Peace, and Culture, how could he not change anyone's life? Bob Marley was a Freedom Fighter, an activist, and an advocator of Peace and Equality. One that fought against the power of Babylon, also known as the Western world. He fought for our Freedom, so that our African brothers and sisters living in in the Western world wouldn't stray away from our original culture, that African Heritage that so many of us have lost over the centuries of being in Babylon. The culture that has gone astray after being oppressed for 400 years and counting. I can honestly say that he inspired me, he helped me become the person that I am today. His lyrics assisted me in becoming more in touch with myself and my African roots. His passionate words that expressed the importance of staying in tune with our heritage and recognizing that we, as an African people have a responsibility to fulfill. Bob Marley was also one of the inspirations for my Crowing Glory- My Locs . They signify my rebellion against the Babylon System.

"Emancipate yourself from mental slavery; none but ourselves can free our mind." - Bob Marley
Give Thanks and Praises to the most high, Jah .


Scary Negroes Will Get You Killed .

It was very refreshing for me to go to the Malcolm X Festival on Saturday. To be surrounded by conscious people, who I share the same views with is extremely enriching. I enjoyed live Reggae, the good Reggae. The Rastafarians who plant their own food, because why buy food from the enemy, right ? Right. I love to see people that engage in their culture. What are we without culture? When I say "we", I mean African-Americans . Most of us are living blissfully unknowing of who we really are. Some of us think that it is not important, some of us think that we should forget about our African Heritage. But why? You don't see our white counterparts doing that? So why should we forget about it? We shouldn't. I love when people ask me "Briana, why would you ever lock your hair? Or why can't you get a Perm?" Well, I locked my hair as a form of cultural expression and because I wanted to be completely natural. As for the perm, I thank God that my mom never allowed me to get one. Why would I ever put a foreign chemical in my hair that alters the texture? It's very hard for me to swallow that idea. First of all, there is no problem with thick, course, otherwise known as Nappy hair. I'm proud of my nappy hair. Why no be? Perms are a form of self-hatred. You're getting a perm to change your hair to look like who? White people? Hmmm...